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                    Main topic covered under the module
1 Advance Graphic Design
   Designer and Communication skills
   Design Principles
   Design thinking and Problem Solving
   Visual Communication in Art and Design
   Ideas Generation and Development Art And Design
   Professional Practice in Art and Design
   Research Project and Design Project
   Design Methods And Design Principles 
   Packaging in Graphic Design
   Advance Typographic
   Visual Communication Graphic Design
   Digital Image Creation And Development
   Drawing Techniques and Processes in Art And Design
   Professional Studies
   Business Practice and Art and Design
   Work Based Experience
   Communication with Images in Art and Design
   Adobe Photoshop
   Color modes and Resolutions.
   Selection techniques.
   Photo Retouching Techniques.
   Masks and channels
   Special Effects
   Optimizing images for web
   Corel Draw
   Drawing Techniques
   Color filling and Outlining Techniques
   Formatting Text
   Organizing objects and applying effects
   Drawing Techniques
   Organizing objects and applying effects
   Creating 3D view shapes
2 Printing And Color Separation
   About color separations
   Preparing artwork for color separating
   Preview color separations
   Print color separations
   Print an object on all plates
   Offset Printing
   One Color 
   Two Color
   Three Color
   Four Color
   Six Color
   Digital Printing 
   Flex Printing
   Mug Printing
   Screen Printing
   3D Printing
   Duplo Print
   Gravure Print
   Sign Cuts
   Sticker  Print
   Cutting  Machine
3 Video & Audio
   Nonlinear Video Editing
   History Of cinema
   Linear and Nonlinear system
   Digital Video and related theories
   Tape Format(DV, SD, HD)
   Video Standard (PAL, NTSC) 
Adobe Premiere
   Getting around Premiere user interface
   Project, time Line, Monitor
   Project settings (PAL, NTSC, HD Frame Rates)
   Adding Transitions (Video & Audio)
   Monitor Window
   Mark in, Mark out, Insert, Overlay, Rewind & Forward
   Video Effects & Audio effects
   Export (Avi, Mov, MP4)
Audio Editing
   Getting around Audition user interface
   Waveform, multitask, tools, level
   Audio Theory
   File Management
   Edit View (Waveform)
   Spectral Displays
4 Web Design 
   Fundamentals of Internet
   Structure of the Internet
   World Wide Web
   Client/Server Architecture
Web Design Techniques
   Java Scripts
   Macromedia Dreamweaver
   Adobe Flash
   Notepad ++
Web Application Development in ASP.NET
   Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET
   ASP.NET 2.0 Essentials
   Developing Web Applications with C#
   Organizing web projects with IIS
   Debugging in Visual Studio .NET
   Working with Databases
   Configure and Deploy a Web Application
Web Application Development using PHP
   Open Source Web Applications
   PHP Essentials
   Accessing form data (GET and POST)
   Accessing Database with PHP
   Server Side Includes (SSI) Using PHP
   Web Application Development in Java ( Tomcat, JSP, Servlets )
   Tomcat, Java Sever Pages, Servlet
5 Management For Graphic Design
   Introduction To Management
   Organization / Business Environment
   Input & Output Process
   Planning & Decision Making
   Complicacy and Grievances and Stress
6 3D Animation
   Getting around 3ds max user interface
   Main Tool Bar, Command Panels, Viewpoints, View Ports, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Tab Panel
   Geometry, Shapes
   (Key frame animations)
   selection Modifiers 
   (Mesh select, Poly select, spline select, Patch select)
   Mesh editing modifiers 
   (Edit mesh, Edit Poly, Extrude, Face extrude, Cap holes, smooth)
   (Objects, Video)
7 Conduct Interpersonal Communications
   Conduct Interpersonal Communications
8 Manage Workplace Information
   Manage Workplace Information
9 Manage Workplace Communication
   Manage Workplace Communication
10 Planning and Scheduling work at workplace
   Planning and Scheduling work at workplace
Course Fee
Rs. 28,000
  • Payments can be made in 3
  • installments.
  • වාරික 3කින් ගෙවීම් සිදු කල හැක.
  • Admission Fee - Rs. 1,350/=
Course Duration
6 Months - Part Time
  • Theory
  • Sunday 1.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Practical
  • Saturday 1.00pm - 5.00pm
  • OR
  • Any weekday 8.30am - 4.00pm
January & July

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